After attending a few conferences here and there, I started speaking in 2014. I mostly speak about topics related to Ruby, but usually bring in a breath of fresh air to the topics we are already aware of, by showing examples and patterns used in the world that exists outside of the Ruby community.


Jun ‘14: RuLu, Lyon, France

I’m really excited to be speaking at the upcoming Ruby Lugdunum Conference, or RuLu. The conference will be held in Lyon, France on the 19th and 20th of June.

The talk will be a flavor of my “Modern Concurrency” talk I presented in Sydney. However, this is a shorter format; and instead of trying to cover everything from the previous iteration, I am going to focus on STM, actors and channels (or CSP or co/go routines). Hoping to a go deeper into these three topics.

This will be my first visit to France (and to the EU in fact) and I’m really excited. I started leveling up on my French too! (BTW, DuoLingo is an excellent, high-quality way to learn a new language, highly recommended).

Would you would like to have me speak at a conference, meet-up or just any gathering? Get in touch.

At Conferences

Feb ‘14: RubyConf Australia, Sydney

My first talk outside of India, presented at the 2nd edition of the ever-awesome RubyConf AU. After a brief overview of threaded concurrency patterns and their problems, I highlight a lot of the new patterns in concurrency related programming in the modern world, including:

I also showed currently available libraries and patterns that make it possible to implement these higher level concurrency abstractions in Ruby.

Jan ‘14: Garden City Ruby Conf, Bangalore

I gave a 30-minute talk at the inaugural edition of Garden City Ruby Conf, introducing Machine Learning (classification and SVM in particular) and how it can be used in the Ruby world, using tools like libsvm, weka etc. This was Bangalore’s very own and India’s first regional Ruby conference.

At meetups & events

Aug ‘13: RailsGarden, Bangalore

A two-day, small-scale workshop (25 students) to bring in folks from engineering colleges in and around Bangalore and introduce them to Ruby and Rails. More here.

I gave the introductory (and hopefully inspirational) talk and guided couple of students. The response was amazing too:

If u r organising any other workshop, I highly recommend him as a coach – Venkatesh

Our coach was Arnab. He was totally amazing. We did everything from the scratch with his help. – Deeksha

Slides are here and here’s the blogging app we built.

Aug ‘13: RailsGirls, Bangalore

Coached a group of five excellent students at the first RailsGirls event in India. We built shorty, a URL shortener du jour :)

Some excerpts from the feedback:

You are really enthusiastic about what you do and that did inspire me a lot. I have little bit of work experience ( 1 year ) but it wasn’t a pleasant one as I was doing maintenance and support work. But after seeing people like you who have worked for a long time, my perception towards IT industry as a whole has changed a bit and I am happy about it. – Abinaya

The way you explained from scratch the app that was given helped us gain a great insight as to how ruby on rails work. The way you looked excited when you explained really made us feel interested and provided great motivation for further learning. – Haripriya

Getting in people from different backgrounds and getting them excited about a common technology was great. The way the content was put across got us more interested with a new technology. The enthusiasm of the coaches and the team inspired us. – Roopa

Other guest appearances in Bangalore