About Me

Arnab Deka is a 20-something 30-something, guy-next-door living in Seattle, WA Bangalore, India.

Right, I turned 30 recently and we moved to India too!

I am currently a Senior Software Engineer at LivingSocial. I love playing cricket and tennis. When I can’t play, I watch almost any goddamn sports that on TV/the net. When some major sporting event is not going on, we love to travel around.

I graduated from REC, Calicut (now National Institute of Technology, Calicut in 2004 and started working for Infosys Technologies. After working around 3 years at Pune, Bangalore and NYC I moved to Seattle to work for Amazon.com. At Amazon I first worked in the core supply chain tech team and then at AWS.

I usually work with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Javascript and related technologies but am always tinkering with the next new thing, lately Clojure. I am big into aglie practices and developing software in the TDD/BDD style. (For history’s sake I have to mention that I am very much familiar with the Java-world and remember bits and pieces of the C/C++ life that I started out with).

My resume is available here. However, know that I am not looking for a change at this point. Unless, it’s like insanely awesome. According to at least one person excluding you.

You can find my contact information here.