Photos: Hamilton Viewpoint Park and Alki Beach, West Seattle

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On a photo uploading spree today.

The first album consists photos from Hamilton Park and Alki Beach, a beautiful area in West Seattle. Because of it’s location, you get great views of Seattle and the Harbor from here, specially great in the evening.

Hamilton Viewpoint Park: See details here and the Seattle gov parks page.

The full album (only 26 pics – easy to click through and to add comments too) is on my smugmug site:

Here are a few excerpts:* [![macbook][4]][4] * [![Seattle downtown basking in the evening glory][5]][5] * [![Downtown Seattle Closeup][6]][6] * [![Pinkish sunset over Mt Rainier][7]][7] * [![a couple getting married][8]][8] * [![A state ferry with the Space Needle and Cascade mountains in the backdrop][9]][9] * [![another shot with the mountains and the needle][10]][10] * [![On the way to Death Valley][11]][11] * [![On the way to Death Valley][12]][12] * [![Badwater Basin][13]][13] * [![Bad Water Basin][14]][14] * [![Red Rock Canyon][15]][15] * [![Vegas Strip][16]][16] * [![Fabulous Las Vegas][17]][17] * [![Fabulous Las Vegas][18]][18] * [![Around US][19]][19] * [![Red Rock Canyon][20]][20] * [![Red Rock Canyon][21]][21] * [![Red Rock Canyon][22]][22] * [![ARCL Summer 2008 3rd Place Trophy (Eagles)][23]][23] * [![Arnab Deka][24]][24] * [![Arnab][25]][25]