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People have always been telling me to get move away from blogger. In late 2008, I read a few really good articles on why – and I was convinced. Sorry – but it seems I did not bookmark(delicious them). Tried to look for them now, but I get a few business oriented results only.

Anyway, I always wanted to get my own domain. And play around with Rails, Capistrano etc. to launch it. So here it is. I did spend a lot of time creating it. But finally, I think I am going the low-hanging-fruit (agile?) way – so right now it’s the simple, easy and open source WordPress running on my host.

I am planning to add some dynamic mashup content (like my activity list from all the services I use, and some news that I feed in all mashed up). Let’s see where it goes.

A few of my early 2009 goals were to learn Dvorak, master vim and Rails and then use all that to prototype my site. Status

Along the way, git came. And I got hooked to that too. But anyway, things are moving along and I am happy about that.

So one of my goals (getting my site working) is done. Here it is – (bye bye blogger – will miss you)

Now it’s up to improving it. Will keep you updated!