Missing the Spam From Me?

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I love feeding on bits of information. The world is full of interesting things and the Internet has a thousand ways of feeding you all that.

If you are not this type of a person – and like to live in your own shell (nothing bad with that) – you can stop reading now – and use your time well doing something else. Like living in your own shell.

Back to the topic – I do skim most of the info dished out at me. Some I keep in my “hmmm” folder of my brain (you guessed it – doesn’t stick long), some I delicious-mark. The rest are the really interesting ones – I find it hard to not share with people I know.

Like this – http://bit.ly/17q25 written by @zen_habits (this article is on how to use twitter well – I have a truckload, or maybe a trainload of people I know, who tell me – “What is twitter anyway? Just another Social Media Platform? Why would I want to go to yet another site? Is Facebook/Orkut/MySpace/insert-your-fav-social-media-network<insert-your-fav-social-nw> not enough already?” This is an</insert-your-fav-social-nw> excellent article on why and how twitter.)

How can I not make my friends read this? :-)

Now if it was 3 months ago, I would have snapped the link up in an e-mail and sent it to all of you, hoping that you’ll also read it and like it and apply it. This group of people would include at least all interesting folks I know in India, NY and Seattle – that’s a lot of people right? And most probably won’t even read it (yeah I know – it’s ok)

No more – I just twit it now – with the knowledge that whoever wants to eat info-blurbs like I do will follow me and read it.

That’s why I urge you my friends/social-beings/netizens, give the article above a read – here it is again for effect – http://bit.ly/17q25

If you do get convinced that twitter is a big idea, can be useful to you and actually help in reducing spam, get an account fast.

You can follow me if you like – http://twitter.com/or9ob Or check out the people I follow – there are some interesting folks – and follow them instead.

And finally, here are some interesting/info on why/how etc. of twitter: http://delicious.com/arnab.deka/twitter

If you are still not convinced and take nothing else from this blog, take this back – you can rest assured that you’ll get spam from one less person now on.