Mariners vs Yankees at Safeco Field

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Went to the Mariners game vs the Yankees last night. Was at Safeco Field, right next to my office.

It was a win-win for me any way, cause I love the Yankees and cause of the NY connection; and of course Mariners are from Seattle! Mariners don’t win often (and this season had not won any yet) – however they command a lot of local support.

Matter of fact, A-Rod was getting booed big time (A-Rod used to play at the start of his career with the Mariners). I was on the handful side of the Yankees supporters, with a Yanks t-shirt and all…

And guess what – Mariners won 3-1… Their yound pitcher Morrow was awesome… read more here.

On the whole – loved it. The atmosphere was awesome… and so was the view of Seattle as a backdrop against the ballpark – with the sunset and everything.

Here are a couple of pics, one before sunset and one at night…