Burma Shave Slogans

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Don’t stick Your elbow Out so far It might go home In another car.

This is a Burma Shave Slogan. So it this:

Passing cars, When you can’t see, May get you, A glimpse, Of eternity.

I was reading Head First HTML and CSS – I really like the presentation style of Head First books. It’s fun and their way really works (with me at the least).

And I came across these interesting things called Burma Shave Signs. Very interesting…

Burma Shave was a company that made brushless shaving cream in the 1920s and 30s. They used to advertise their products with roadside signs and that turned out to be very popular. There would be a group of 4-6 signs one after the other on the roadside, each with just one line from a slogan. The last sign would almost always be the name of their product, Burma Shave.

At one point, they had 7,000 of these signs on the roads throughout the US. Now most are gone, but the book says there are still a few left. Maybe I can see one before I leave the US…

Now, I had seen these kinda signs in ads on TV, in skits in school etc. But never knew that they originated from this Burma Shave cream! :-)

It’s funny right? And to read this stuff in a technical book is even more fun (the book even explains in a note what these signs are)

Anyway, do explore more. They have funny ones there:

Wikipedia on Burma Shave: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burma-Shave Another page that shows how it looks like: http://www.fiftiesweb.com/burma.htm