Heights of E-tailing

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I was not a big fan of online shopping till recently – I needed to see and feel the product before buying it. Then I joined the world’s biggest e-tailer (and I have to say with pride that e-tailing is not the only thing Amazon is doing well – see wikipedia to know what I mean)… and that need to see and feel the products has magically disappeared. Oh, the employee discount helped – and did I mention I am a prime member now? (which means free 2-day shipping) :-)

Anyway. I am moving to my new rented apartment tomorrow and went to Ikea today to get some stuff (Bed frames etc. TV stand, some furniture)… and figured out that it’s a time-consuming clumsily organized (or maybe I don’t have enough interest and/or intellect to SPEND at shopping. No pun intended. Oh, BTW, are you a typical gal? hmmm… I really did not mean any pun).

Another anyway… :-) I am observing that I am digressing too much today (maybe it’s the shopping)… ooh there I go again…

Anyway anyway, so I figured that Ikea will take up-to 2 weeks to deliver the stuff to me. And the bed or the book shelve might be in like, umm, 72 pieces, which I have to install myself… So when Amazon does the same (I mean 72 piec-ed thingys that I have to install myself) why don’t I go for it (with a free 2 day shipping and discounts on everything?)

So yeah I decided to do that – I am like, 10% done now and am tired (I don’t know how you girls do this). So here I am taking a recreational break… Do check out my effort here – mind you, it’s ongoing.

Anyway. ummm I know I have said this enough times now – no more, I promise. So I made a list of things I think I need and started researching for the cheapest and the best (if there ever is such a thing) on Amazon. Of course Amazon’s “People who bought this also bought these…” does make my efforts longer and more interesting. Like I needed up checking at least 57 different types of bathroom floor mats.

(Ok I won’t say any more anyways right). So… :-) Pretty soon I was checking adding unbelievable things into my shopping list. Like TPs – yes Toilet Papers. Online. One year ago I would not have believed myself.

I know that there are amazingly hilarious things you can buy at Amazon: like, Uranium Ore!!! But something absolutely made me laugh like mad – Comments about Toilet Papers. Yes people actually write reviews about TPs. Some people actually laugh while writing them (oh is that kinda like me? I am laughing while buying it – just one step away now :-) )

Check out some – you’ll know what I mean… Lemme quote just one line: “Sure, this bath tissue isn’t going to be the softest you’ll ever find–but it does a great job”

Go and read them if you need a good hard laugh!!! :-)