TWICK- 5 Things Needed to Avoid Random Unfortunate Situations

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Imagine living in an apartment full of strangers and not-so-friendly-doormen (add strict apartment regulations). Now imagine you live alone (or maybe your roomie is away – unreachable for all practical purpose). Next, imagine you never thought or felt it’s important to have a backup of your keys. Yeah now you know where I am going…

But, no, you didn’t drop it somewhere (that will be a real nightmare – and probably you won’t be in a position or mood to write a blog about it shortly afterwards) – you, being the big absent-minded buffoon you are, left it inside the apartment and locked the door. Huh… there you go…

Of course I can never do something like that. But it’s possible for anybody. And so, even though I never experienced the very same thing – let alone THREE times in the last ONE year, I still gained enough wisdom to educate the naive world about the problems that this comes with. If you read on, you will even find a grand solution to this problem.

I could rant on and on about the possible unfortunate situations you might be in. Let’s just name a few random ones, just for your sake: 1. You parents/sister might be temporarily visiting you. All their stuff could be inside the house. It might be 11 PM. It might even be the night before the grand long-awaited morning on which you take them for a vacation to Florida – the flight being at 5 AM. God save your parents/sister… 2. You might be too boozed to even walk properly (and that usually does not happen before around 2 AM – if you are like me). God save you… 3. The apartment rules say that you have to pay $100 for every unlock!!! Again, God save you man… 4. The doorman could be a real ***|hole – saying the guy who unlocks the room is unavailable till next morning (and you already read points 2 & 3 above right?). God save the doorman!!!

Anyway, I can think of at least another 1000 ***|*ed-up situations like this. But I never waste time. You can keep thinking though…

Of course, a man like me will never be caught in any of these situations… Because I have the perfect solution (rather a prevention) for this – my TWICKs!!!

And the best news – I am going to share that with you. Of course you will say (after reading) that you thought of this a long time ago – you already knew about it!!! What crap! Even I can say that – No one told me about this (not a guy named Rajesh Ramanathan anyway) – I thought of this solution myself.

But the real truth is, I really thought of this myself – and you just read it in my blog. However, I am generous enough not to apply for a US Patent for this method. So you can boast whatever you want.

Anyway, enough and more digressing. Let’s come back to the solution: You just need a simple formula to remind you before you get out of your house.

For those of you mathematically gifted, think of 5 (it could be less or for you. It’s 5 for me. As it is, for some very basic concepts – The 5 elements, The 5 sacred Sikh symbols, the 5 basics pillars of Islam, Maroon 5, The 5 oceans, The Pentium!!! Whatever, I am digressing again – 5 is for me).

For the rest of you, think “TWICK” (again it could be something else for you. And I could ramble on about very basic concepts evolving around “TWICK” – but the word does it for me).

Before leaving the room, I always count 5 things, the “TWICK”s. If the count or letters are missing – something’s missing. Very very simple.

What the hell is TWICK – Timepiece, Wallet, iPod, Cell and Keys (in no particular order)…

Now that you have read it all – go integrate this into your life.

Feel like killing me ? First do that to the doorman who did this to me!!!